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Fedw Equestrian Retirement Centre

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Fedw Equestrian Centre

Phone/Fax: 01874 636394
Mobile: 07967 626455

Email: sam@fedw.co.uk

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Monday - Sunday:  8am - 6pm

Visiting by appointment/prior booking only.

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01874 636394


Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

By making an online entry via the Secure Online Entry System, or where appropriate entering on the day, you are accepting these terms and conditions and agree to abide by them.

Conditions of Entry

1. All competitions will be held under current BSJA/BD/PC/RC rules where possible.

2. All entries must be paid by the Secure Online Entry System using credit/debit card. Unless otherwise stated

3. No refunds are given after close of entries.

4. The organiser reserves the right to refuse any entry, cancel or amend any class or show as they deem necessary without explanation. If weather conditions are extreme please check in case of cancellation. The organisers will endeavour to inform competitors of any cancellations or amendments on the Facebook page.

5. Due to circumstances beyond Fedw Equestrian Centres control it may be necessary to change or cancel bookings and events. Fedw Equestrian Centre is not responsible for any other costs, expenses or damages which may have been incurred by the client or their guest as a result of the change.

6.  Entries may be limited and a waiting list will be kept.

7. The decision of the organisers and judge is final.

8. No Smoking in arenas or stable   

9. All droppings to be cleared from arenas and carparks. Please do not muck out boxes on to the parking area – take it home with you       


Health and Safety

10. Correct riding attire must be worn by all competitors. All competitors should wear a correctly fastened hat to the current BSI standards at all times when mounted. The wearing of Body protectors are recommended at all times.

11. The health and welfare of horses and ponies attending events is essential. Any horse or pony deemed to be sick or injured in any way will be immediately eliminated and the owner requested to remove them from the premises as soon as possible.

12. Flash photography is strictly forbidden. Mobile phones must be turned off during dressage tests/show jumping rounds.

13. Dogs are not encouraged but if bought to the venue they must be kept on a lead at all times and are the responsibility of the owner.

14. All horses or ponies when outside of the arena shall be moved at walk only, to ensure the safety of all spectators and pedestrians.


15. Lunging is not permitted in any of the arenas at any time during the competitions.

16. No horse or pony should be tied to any fencing or property of the land owner.

17. Under no circumstances should any horse or pony be allowed to be turned loose in any arena or other part of the premises at any time.

18. Children under the age of 16 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 18 years, who will be held responsible for their behaviour and welfare.

19. It is the responsibility of all competitors to ensure that the premises are kept clean and litter is put in the bins provided. Any competitor or anyone attending with a competitor found to be disobeying these rules will be asked to leave the grounds immediately.

20. For safety reasons the gate to the arenas must be kept closed. All warming up to take place in the outdoor arena – no more than 4 horses at a time.   


21. In the interests of health and safety, everyone concerned with any entry must take reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the organiser, judges or stewards including conduct in warm up and viewing areas. Anyone in breach of these terms and conditions may be asked to leave the site immediately.

22. It shall be deemed a condition of entry that organisers, the land owner and his agents shall not be held responsible for any loss, injury, theft or damage to competitors, on-lookers, their property, servants, horses or ponies how so ever caused and that each entrant agrees to indemnify them against any legal action arising there from.

23. It shall be deemed a condition of entry that the organiser, land owner and his agents reserve the right to charge a repair, or

re-installation fee, at cost, if the premises are damaged, vandalised or otherwise not left in the condition in which they were found.

24. The organiser reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions as necessary.

We have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of the public, horse and rider to be effective, you must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring. Fedw Equestrian Centre reserves the right to remove someone from the facilities in the event of dangerous riding, abuse of the horse, or failure to act on common courtesy. Neither Fedw Equestrian Centre nor any person acting on behalf of the Centre accept any liability for any loss, damage, accident, injury or illness to any animal, rider, spectator or any other persons, property or vehicles whatsoever. Neither Fedw Equestrian Centre or any of its staff shall in any way be responsible for any loss, injury or damages that may happen to the hirer or assistants or other members of the public, or to any animal, property or vehicle whilst entering or leaving the venue.

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